2024 Rent Control

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In which of the following California markets do you own or manage rental housing?

Please select the markets where you own or manage rental housing from the drop-down menus below and the enter number of units in each market.


What is the average rent you are currently collecting on your rental housing units?

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How much could you lose in property value?

The loss of Costa Hawkins and vacancy decontrol due to the passage of 2024's Rent Control Ballot Iniative, the "Justice for Renters Act," will most certainly REDUCE the value of your income property investments. According to Wall Street Journal reports, New York's new rent control law has resulted in a 20% to 45% DECREASE in rental property values.

Your Market(s) # of Units You Own or Manage 30% Estimated Loss in Value of EACH Unit of YOUR Investment* Total Estimated Loss on YOUR Investment

How much will you lose in rent?

Case Study: Vacancy Decontrol vs. Vacancy Control - You Lose the Right to Raise Rent to Market After Vacancy

Tenant 'A' vacates your apartment, in a rent controlled jurisdiction, where she lived for 10 years and last paid $  per month. Assume that the current market rent for the apartment is now approximately $ . You rent the unit to Tenant 'B'. Below are the impacts of 'Vacancy De-Control' versus 'Vacancy Control' on your income for just one unit over a 5-year period.

  Vacancy Decontrol Vacancy Control $ Impact
Starting Rent Owner is allowed set monthly rent at current, fair market of $ . Owner is prohibited from setting rent to market and is limited to only a 3% increase from prior rent, or to $  upon vacancy. Difference (Lost Rent)

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