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Whether you manage thousands of rentals or own a single rental home as a retirement investment, we are your industry partner in California. The state’s most successful property management companies, tens of thousands of independent rental owners and industry business partners belong to our association … and you should join too!

There is strength in numbers and it’s owners, like you, who keep our industry viable.

JOIN TODAY, there is an application below to make things easier for you to become a member!

NOTE: If you have MULTIPLE PROPERTIES you must complete an application for each property.

CalRHA is the affiliated state charter of the National Apartment Association (NAA) and is currently comprised of 9 local affiliates (listed below). You can apply to become a CalRHA direct member IF you fall outside of the territories (affiliates) listed below.



CLICK HERE and just type in your ZIP CODE and PRESS SEARCH.

If your property DOES NOT fall into one of the affiliates below you can continuing applying with the California Rental Housing Asssociation (CalRHA).  

PLEASE NOTE: The SEARCH feature will inform you if you do fall within the CalRHA territory.

To learn more about the following local associations just CLICK the HIGHLIGHTED LINK below:



Property or Independent Rental Owner

Communities of any size in the multifamily industry located in areas that are not served by an NAA affiliated apartment association may join CalRHA as a direct member.

Who is My Local Affiliate (Have Your Zip Code Ready!)?
CLICK HERE, enter your ZIP CODE, and view the NAA affiliate you need to join as a member. If it's CalRHA you are in the right place, continue below.

To apply to CalRHA as a direct member, please complete our application (PRESS BUTTON) below.

By acknowledging this application, I/we understand all membership dues and application fees are non-refundable. Furthermore, by providing my mailing address, telephone, facsimile, e-mail I am consenting to receive communications sent by or on behalf of CalRHA, any Rental Housing Coalition it is affiliated with, or its affiliates via phone, mail, email or fax.

Current CalRHA dues are as follows: 1 to 250 units (Base Membership Fee of $150 + $3 per Unit); 250+ units (Base Membership Fee of $200 + $3 per Unit). Please note, these amounts DO NOT INCLUDE any Assessment Fees*.


* Assessment Fees are part of your dues when applicable and may be implemented in any given calendar year


Join as Property or Independent Rental Owner

Supplier Partner

Choose this member type if you provide products and/or services to the apartment industry.

Annual Dues: $600

What's Included?
If you would like to join CalRHA as a supplier partner you will receive the following:

  • 3 Banner Ads
    • Two (2) In CalRHA Monthly Newsletter
    • One (1) Rotating Leaderboard Banners (Website Footer throughout Site)
  • "First to Know Rights" Regarding Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Access to Advertise in CalRHA Digital Magazine (25,000 Readers per Month)


Join as Supplier Partner