The rental housing industry spent more than $100 million to defeat Propositions 10 and 21, which sought to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Protection  Act and expand rent control.

That threat is here and bigger with more Californians homeless and a growing block of younger voters whom experts believe are more sympathetic to tenant propaganda.

The 2024 so-called Justice for Renters ballot initiative is an existential threat to our livelihood. Every dollar you contribute goes towards defeating this measure.


Contributing to political campaigns is one of the most effective ways to build relationships with candidates who are likely to support CalRHA's legislative priorities. 

Your PAC contributions allow CalRHA to directly assist political campaigns and play a role in building a Legislature that supports a strong rental housing sector. While our contributions do not guarantee the support of the candidate on specific issues, they provide opportunities for us to engage legislators on meaningful dialogue about our sector and needed policy reforms.

Decisions about which candidates to support are made by the CalRHA members of the PAC Committee.


Diplomacy through advocacy is not always enough. It is inevitable that some situations will only be resolved through the threat of legal action. Litigation is expensive, but it's a powerful tool to force corrective action when there is no other recourse.