CalRHA Public Policy Update - April 2024


Budget Update

Governor Gavin Newsom, the Senate President pro Tempore, Mike McGuire, and the Speaker of the Assembly, Robert Rivas, announced an agreement on $17 billion in early actions to help reduce the shortfall and position California to responsibly address the budget in June. It contains a mix of $3.6 billion in reductions, $5.2 billion in revenue/borrowing, $5.2 billion in delays/deferrals, and $3.4 billion in shifts of costs from the general fund to other state funds.  The package went into a budget bill junior and is expected to be voted upon on April 11th.  An overview of the package may be found here.


Legislative Update

CalRHA held its Annual Lobby Day in Sacramento and was able to advocate directly with Legislators and their staff on the top priorities for CalRHA in 2024.  The event was a huge success, as we were able to gain support, negotiate amendments, and our sponsored bill, AB 2278 (Carillo), regarding the publication of the maximum allowable annual rent increase passed the Appropriations Committee unanimously on the same day.  Below, please find updates of several key pieces of legislation.

  • AB 2187 (Bryan, D-Culver City) - Office of Tenants’ Rights and Protections - Would establish the Office of Tenants’ Rights and Protections, which is duplicative and costly.  This bill is set for a hearing in Assembly Judiciary Committee on April 16th. - OPPOSE
  • AB 2216 (Haney, D-San Francisco) - Household Pets - Would not allow for pet security deposits or the prohibition of common household pets in residential tenancies. This bill passed the Judiciary Committee and is now on the Assembly Floor. - OPPOSE
  • AB 2584 (Lee, D-Milpitas) - Corporate Owned Single-Family Homes - Would prohibit owners of more than 1,000 homes from buying more single-family properties. This bill is pending a hearing in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. - OPPOSE
  • AB 2785 (Wilson, D-Suisun City) - Would require a landlord to, within 30 days of receiving a tenant’s security, deposit the sum into an account of a bank or other financial institution regulated by the state or federal government.  If it is deposited in an interest-bearing account, any interest accrued on that balance, would be payable to the tenant. The bill also caps screening fees and sets parameters for reimbursement, including if the tenant doesn’t qualify.  We have been actively meeting with the author’s office on suggested amendments. - OPPOSE


The legislative calendar for 2024 is as follows:

  • April 26 - Last day for policy committees to hear fiscal bills
  • May 3 - Last day for policy committees to hear non fiscal bills
  • May  17 - Last day for fiscal committees to pass bills to Floor
  • May 24 - Last day for bills  to pass their house of origin
  • June 15 - Budget bill must be passed by midnight
  • June 27 - Last day for legislative measure to qualify for the November 5th General Election ballot
  • July 3 - Last day for policy committees to meet and pass bills
  • July 4 - August 4 - Summer Recess
  • August 16 - Last day for fiscal committees to meet and pass bills
  • August 23 - Last day to amend bills on the Floor
  • August 31 - Last day for each house to pass bills
  • September 30 - Last day for the Governor to sign or veto bills